The Hunt for the Perfect Wardrobe

One of the key parts of my goal to streamline and edit is eventually building my perfect wardrobe. Of course that’s a lofty goal and one that will take a long time–even if I had the funds to buy everything on my never-ending “perfect wardrobe” list, I wouldn’t invest all at once. I’m a firm believer in collecting over time, and making one big purchase at a time. Plus, even if an item seems perfect online, or in a store, living with it is a different thing.

For me, a good example of that would be Bean Boots. I’ve had a pair for forever, and let’s be honest–they are practical, rugged, and well worth the investment for many. But after college in Boulder was over, I found that they didn’t really translate well to D.C. living, at least for me. Yes, the snow was just as slushy, and yes, we had a lot of snow–but it took too long to put them on in the mornings, and I had to bring another pair of shoes for the office, and at the end of a long day it was a tough slog to the bus stop with these heavy boots! So I started wearing wellies instead (despite being absolutely freezing), and then switched to these duBarry boots, which I love, but still–they weren’t quite fitting the bill for what I needed.

Eventually I caved and bought the Bean Boot Mocs, and I wish I had years ago. They’re practical, waterproof, and–crucially–easy to slip on when running out the door. Not that this is a panegyric about Bean Boots, but it’s just proof (to me, at least) that needs change throughout a lifetime, and taking the time to invest is better than buying all at once, whether a wardrobe or decorating a home.

Anyway! I’m working slowly through my list and am hoping to write a brief review of each “perfect wardrobe” item as they come along–highlighting the good and the bad, what I’d improve upon, and if my search is complete. Fingers crossed!

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