The Collection of Ann and Gordon Getty: Wheatland Auction

Yesterday I had the opportunity to stop by the auction of some of Ann and Gordon Getty’s incredible collection from their home, Wheatland. Wheatland was Ann Getty’s childhood home in the Sacremento Valley, a place where she could be herself. Many of the pieces in Wheatland are Dutch, in honor of her Dutch forebears. As early Dutch history in America is my day job and my own background, this was an auction of particular interest to me, beyond my interest as an appreciator of beautiful things.

You may not know that most auctions at major auction houses are open to the public–you don’t need to be a registered bidder to enter! Christie’s is conveniently located at Rockefeller Center.

Viewing for this auction closed yesterday, but I’ve shared a few of my photographs below! You can also view the entire catalogue here.

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