Temporary Solutions

What do you do when it doesn’t make sense to invest in a “forever” piece? I replaced our duvet a few months ago and settled for a temporary solution–a good quality one, but still temporary. As we decide what our space will look like–for instance, will we use my four poster bed, or the more mid-century modern style we have now?–I didn’t want to settle on the linens we’ll have for a lifetime, only to find they won’t work in a few years. So I settled on something temporary but practical.

In one sense, this doesn’t quite mesh with the message of this blog–fewer and better things. I am very specifically trying not to settle on second-best, on things I don’t plan to use forever. But as much as I’d love to invest in things that are needed, and a part of everyday life, that isn’t always practical. I don’t want to spend an absurd amount of money on something that might not work with our home in the future–whether the pattern or the size (if we stay with more modern furniture, the duvet would need to be a different size than if we decide on my four poster bed, for instance.) That’s a waste.

However, just because this isn’t a “forever” piece doesn’t mean it’s not worth investing in, even to a (much) lesser degree. I found a great set of sheets,* duvet cover*, and duvet at Lands End for a very reasonable price, and I’m sure they will serve us well in years to come, whether they are eventually used for a guest room or for our toddler or for us. They are certainly good enough quality for a variety of scenarios.

What do you do in situations like this one? Do you buy a decent substitute or do you just go for the investment and hope it will work in the future?

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