Summer Memories

We’ve skipped right over spring this year and into summer! It’s been a nice treat to resume our Sunday early morning trips to the beach down the road, the same beach I grew up visiting with my grandfather. It’s something special to share with my own child–four generations of his family enjoying the same spot in the same way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about memories and future experiences lately. After we left the city when I was a child, I really was not thrilled when we moved from a vibrant, active neighborhood to sleepy suburban life. I missed the city, my friends, and my family. I was lucky that my parents let me spend most of the summers with my cousins and grandparents here on the North Shore. I loved walking to the beach at the end of my cousins’ street, biking into town to get Italian ice or ice creams, climbing the tree in their backyard, picking tomatoes in the garden, running around on the lawn at our club, begging for Shirley Temples from the bartenders. I think it’s easy to gild the past but some memories are golden, and so many of my best memories were here. I’ve written about place as memory before, and so has my friend Jen. I believe that places do help hold an imprint of you, the person you were. It interest me to see how much has changed in between all the different iterations of my life, and not just mine but my family’s, too. As my little one grows up and becomes old enough to always have these memories, I wonder which days will stand out above all others. Chasing fireflies, fireworks, visiting the arboretum, the farm, the library? Swimming at the beach, planing flowers in the garden, walking into town for lunch? I can’t wait to see–and to make them!

2 thoughts on “Summer Memories

  1. I smiled reading this post. Thanks for sharing these lovely memories! I think about this a lot, too, now that my daughter is a bit older. It’s exciting to think that the things we’re doing now are going to become the stories she tells one day.

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