Staying True to Your Style

I recently wrote a post on defining your style. Once you define your style–when you have a clear idea of what’s “you” and what’s “not you,” it’s definitely a lot easier to start shopping just for you and not for some idealized version of yourself, or for what’s in style, or what everyone else is wearing. But, at least for me, there are always moments when I wonder–well, what if I try this? (Puff sleeves, for instance. I am small and they drown me, but I love the look.) Sometimes I do try something out of my comfort zone. Very, very rarely, it works–but most of the time it doesn’t. And then I’m stuck with something I wasted money on, that’s taking up space in my closet, that I have to find a home for.

Staying true to your style takes a lot of work, it can feel boring, it can be exasperating when nothing available seems to match your style. When these three feelings combine, I generally find myself making unsuitable purchases. So how do you stay true to your style when you feel like it’s the worst idea in the world?

Well, that’s both simple and difficult. Remember your style. Remember how good it feels to open your closet or your dresser drawers and know that everything inside is something you love, that fits you perfectly, that flatters you, that makes you feel like yourself. And that’s hard to remember, especially in the slump that always occurs in the middle of seasons, when you’ve worn everything and feel bored with everything. When that comes, I turn to inspiration. I scroll through my Pinterest account and my saved Instagram photos. I spend time searching for my ultimate wish-list items. I find an excuse to wear favorite pieces that don’t get a lot of use. I remember that I am up early to do the school run or head into the city and I don’t have to waste a precious half-hour deciding what to wear, because everything I have is perfect for me (or almost, at least–I’m getting there!)

Committing to this–to the fewer and better mentality, from new purchases to existing items, has been an incredible process but I feel so much less stress when I know what I have and know that I love what I have.

4 thoughts on “Staying True to Your Style

  1. Haha, when I read the title of your post, I immediately thought of puff sleeve dresses, which drown me as well. These are great points – it really can feel boring sometimes, especially when the weather refuses to budge into a new season. Something I’ve found helpful for getting out of the slump is renting pieces on occasion. Most rentals are under $50, and I can shake up the routine without getting stuck with an item I’ll later regret.

    1. Good idea with the rentals! I am also experimenting with scarves this fall, which is a nice way to add a new touch without 1) taking up a ton of space and 2) accumulating something I won’t use again!

  2. Great post. After a couple of years of sartorial overindulgence, I’ve had to call it good on clothing purchases for a while. At least *most* of my purchases have been of things that are congruent with my own personal style. Tempted though I am, I’m resisting further clothing acquisitions for at least a few months. I only recently managed to pare down the excess. Reading this gives me strength! 🙂

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