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Sharing My Spring Wardrobe Staples

Something that the women whose style I admire most have in common is their sense of self. They have a wardrobe that may be simple or more varied, but all have their key pieces that are instantly recognizable as theirs.

Finding your signature pieces always seems to me like a twist of fate in a world with literally billions of choices at your fingertips. How do you know that jacket is your jacket? And will you recognize it when you see it? While buying clothes online is so easy, it does take away from the physical experience of shopping, of seeing how pieces suit you, not just in a flatlay or no a model.

And then there is the question of adaptation. Will your staples continue to work for you throughout the phases of your life–at home, at work, and so on?

As I narrow down and refine my wardrobe, I’m building a list of my wardrobe staples. You can find the list–still a work in progress!–here. I’m starting this list from scratch and will add a new page for each season, so please check in periodically for updates!

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