Vintage Brooks Brothers overcoat

Overcoats vs. Puffer Coats

And why you should stick with an overcoat.

I spent Tuesday–certainly one of the coldest, if not the coldest day this year–in the city, with all its wind-tunnels and bone-chilling concrete corridors. And yet I didn’t freeze to death! I see hundreds of people walking around in their puffer coats–frankly, looking like they’re wearing their sleeping bags–and I think–can those possibly be warm enough to walk around looking like you’re bringing your bedding with you?

A well-made wool overcoat is equally warm, infinitely more flattering, and will go with everything, from jeans (pictured), to black tie attire. I’ve been looking into purchasing a camel overcoat, but this one of my mother’s is so warm and classic that I’m unsure what a new overcoat could add. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime piece, and one that’s held up so well throughout the thirty-plus years of its life.

I love getting to step into my mother’s clothes and walk the same route she used to–she had her first office when she started her own interior design firm in the building where I now have mine. She used to go to the same places for lunch, walk the same sidewalks, take afternoon strolls in the Park for inspiration. I love getting to trace her footsteps while wearing this timeless coat–something that would be impossible with an 80s puffer coat.

So that’s something else to consider–not just the present, but the future. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for someone you loved to think of you while wearing your coat? Those are my thoughts–I’d love to hear yours!

4 thoughts on “Overcoats vs. Puffer Coats

  1. I love this so much. Our winters are fairly mild, but on occasion a true overcoat is just the ticket. My grandmother had a beautiful camel cashmere coat and a winter white one as well. I was living far away when her estate was settled, so I don’t know what became of them, but I would love to have had them. Ah well, I do have other things of hers that make me very happy, thinking thoughts of her. Enjoy your weekend!

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