No-Shop January, Round 2

Happy 2023! One of the most rewarding projects I took on last year was absolutely No-Shop January. During the month of January, I take a break from shopping and instead focus on what I have and shopping my own closet. Like last year, there are three exceptions to the no-shop month:

  • I can make one purchase during the month of January;
  • Using gift cards doesn’t count towards the no-shop rule (but I can’t go above the amount of any gift cards, unless that is my one exception);
  • If something is irreparably ruined and needs to be replaced immediately, then I can replace it with that exact item (but the item must be worn at least twice a week.)

I look forward to working on instilling healthy habits, taking a break from rampant consumerism, and appreciating what I own and love! Are you going to take the No-Shop January challenge with me?

4 thoughts on “No-Shop January, Round 2

  1. I was so inspired last year when you took this on. I’m starting a new job 1/9 and have been panicking about needing a whole new wardrobe. It finally occurred to me I’d be buying for an environment I haven’t yet experienced. I’m going to take on this challenge with you, making a list along the way of absolute essentials! 🤞🤞🤞

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