Five Things to Pack When Staying With Friends

It’s always wonderful to spend a weekend with friends, but deciding what to pack can make a fun trip stressful. Beyond the standards, I have five things that I never forget to pack. You never know what you might need–and you will always need these things!

A hostess gift

Always a crucial thing to pack and pack carefully! You can see my ideas for hostess gifts here.

A dressing gown

I truly don’t understand why dressing gowns have gone out of style. There’s nothing nicer than being able to take your time getting ready for the evening than by relaxing. This isn’t the time to bring your heavy terrycloth robes–something simple and elegant, like these beautiful ones from Heidi Carey, would be perfect!

A good book

There will likely be downtime during your weekend, so pack a good book–one that you will actually read, and one that you won’t finish too quickly so you’ll be stuck with nothing! I shared my favorite summer reads here.

An umbrella

I can’t tell you how often I’ve been stuck traveling without an umbrella. It’s been miserable trying to get to or from the train station or bus stop while trying to avoid getting drenched! I always keep this Totes mini umbrella* in my bag now and it’s lasted really well!

Any equipment you might need

Are you going to be playing tennis or sailing? Is there a chance those activities, or others, might be offered? Make sure that you pack what you need–while your host might have extras, it’s always best to have things you’re comfortable with, like your favorite tennis racquet!

What do you always pack when you’re staying with friends?

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