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With the start of a new season upon us, I’m bringing back an old favorite series of mine, Coffee Talk! If you’re new here, I invite you to join me for a virtual cup of coffee and chat about a few things as we start the new month. You can read past installments here.

What’s your favorite fall movie?

It has to be You’ve Got Mail! I love this movie so much, almost everything about it. When my husband and I first met, we also corresponded every day like Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox through their emails (though we weren’t with other people, of course!) It’s a true fall classic and I love listening to “Dreams” by the Cranberries and walking through the city on a perfect fall day.

What’s your favorite fall outfit?

I love getting to break out my vintage Fair Isle sweaters for the first time! Paired with jeans, a pair of Belgians, and my Barbour, I feel the happiest.

Apple pie or apple cider doughnuts?

Apple cider doughnuts! We have a great cider mill nearby and I always eagerly anticipate that first crisp day when I make a cup of tea and bring my doughnut outside for breakfast.

Favorite school supply item?

Definitely a new bag! I used to love picking out what bag I’d use for the school year. However, I only was able to do this a handful of times because I always chose an LL Bean backpack or Boat & Tote and they lasted forever–in fact, the boat & tote I used in high school and college is still in use today!

What’s in your fall bag?

I’m planning a post on this! I love “what’s in your bag?” posts, so I’d love for you to share with me!

7 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. I’m so happy to see you’ve brought back Coffee Talk! Such a fun series 🙂
    1. We have the same favorite fall movie! I quote it all autumn long. That’s such a sweet story about you and your husband corresponding through email.
    2. I have a wool skirt with leather buttons and love to pair it w a cream turtleneck. That combo feels like fall to me, plus is perfect for our iffy weather here in Ohio.
    3. I’m also Team Doughnut
    4. I love buying my daughter’s school shoes each year – uniform saddle shoes are so cute. And bouquets of sharpened pencils, of course!
    5. Aveda Hand Relief, extra Chapstick, lengthy to-do list. Looking forward to seeing your ‘what’s in your bag?’ post.
    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  2. Love this! I’m sipping my coffee as I write this.
    1. Dead Poets Society is a fall favorite. Dark, yes, but the scenery is beautiful and I love how the boys are so inspired by their teacher.
    2. Jeans or corduroys with a blouse, tweed blazer, and riding boots. I honestly can’t wait for boot weather.
    3. I’ll choose choice C- apple crisp! Pie is good though.
    4. A new calendar/planner always makes the new school year feel like a fresh start.
    5. The usuals, with the addition of Aveeno hand cream.
    Can’t wait for the next coffee talk!

    1. I love Dead Poets Society! The campus is so beautiful. We used to play St. Andrews in squash and every time we visited I always expected to hear someone shouting “Carpe diem!”

      Apple crisp is a GREAT choice and now I wish I’d added it to the list 🙂 Love your ideal fall outfit, too–such a great combination!

  3. 1. Dark wash jeans, navy blazer, camel and white stripe sweater, brown vara pumps. Still in DC and still love navy haha
    2. Apple cider doughnuts for sure. I can’t wait for our local crop share to have them!
    3. I always enjoyed organizing my notes with color coded pens so those would have to be my favorite. I still use my LL Bean backpack from freshman year of HS when I commute to my office haha
    4. Wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, phone, slightly darker lip gloss, invisalign case (going on year 2 of adult braces), glasses case (and my 30s are upon me!)

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