Christmas Memories

Christmas, more than any other time, is such a sentimental holiday for me. I especially think about my mother and grandmothers. Both my grandmothers were huge fans of Christmas, and always had beautiful decorations and a Christmas party for all their friends. And my mother was the person who kept the traditions together. Not being able to celebrate with these three women who were so important to me is always difficult. I’m glad to have things from each of them for Christmas–the stocking my mother made for me, the silver bell for my first Christmas from my paternal grandparents, and a beautiful long letter my maternal grandmother wrote for my toddler about her life, including many family traditions. I plan to read that aloud this year.

I feel lucky to have so many special things for the holiday season, and I’ve enjoyed adding to our collection with ornaments that are special to us now; from the ornament my husband and I bought during one of our walks through Central Park to the ornaments I’m stitching for future trees. I can’t wait to tell the stories of how and when we got them in the years to come.

What ornaments or Christmas decorations are special to you, and why?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Memories

  1. I have two to share:

    First, when the boys were still at home (they are now grown), we loved putting together our manger. There are special pieces such as a donkey my husband painted as a child, and pieces from his Godfather (we mix up our manger pieces). Once the boys went to bed, I’d put the baby Jesus in his manger. They always rushed down Christmas morning to check if he was there. (Where else would baby Jesus be? 😉)

    Second is a very special Scherenschnitte (German cut paper silhouettes) of the three wise men my mother gave to me later in her life. I had always loved it, so one Christmas she gifted it to me. I love hanging it every year in early December, and admittedly, always keep it up longer than I should. It reminds me of her and of Christmases past.

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