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Christmas Gift Guide: Books

Some of my favorite gifts to give and receive are books! I love to read, and I always love receiving books from friends, especially as books that are given are generally meaningful to the giver.

Here are five of my favorite books to give–something for everyone!

(A note: all my gift guides are free of affiliate links and only list gifts I’ve given, received, or plan to give (and hope to receive!) I hope you find these guides useful–please leave me a comment and let me know!)

For a child: Sunshine, by Ludwig Bemelmans, $17.43 at Sunshine is a little-known book by the author of Madeline, and one of my favorites. It’s a true New York story with classic Bemelmans illustrations, perfect for a little New Yorker, or a child fascinated by New York!

For the nature lover: Red-Tails in Love, by Marie Winn, $17.00 at When I was small, my mother used to take me uptown to see Pale Male and his mate in their nest on Fifth Avenue, across from the model boat pond. My mother was captivated by them, and the peregrine falcons that subsequently made their homes in Manhattan. My husband had a copy of the Pale Male documentary, which fascinated my son; I found an old copy of the children’s book about Pale Male, and bought Red-Tails in Love for myself and my mother-in-law last Christmas. It’s a beautiful book about a truly New York story!

For the person who loves memoirs, historic homes, interior design, or captivating reads: The Guynd, by Belinda Rathbone, $18.35 at When my mother was sick and in the hospital, my aunt handed me her copy of this book. I was immediately captivated, have read it at least five times, and recommend it to nearly everyone. It is a nearly perfect book (I wish there were more pictures of The Guynd included)!

For the person who loves family sagas: The Cazalet Chronicle, by Elizabeth Jane Howard: The first book in Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Cazalet series is The Light Years, beginning the saga of the Cazalet family just before the outbreak of World War Two. There are five books in the series: The Light Years, Marking Time, Confusion, Casting Off, and All Change. I reread this series every year, and truly feel as though I know the characters.

For the person who loves mysteries: Strong Poison, by Dorothy Sayers, $15.62 at The first book in Sayers’ Peter Wimsey series to feature Harriet Vane, this book is the start of a wonderful four-book series (four and a half, if you count the two short stories published featuring Harriet; seven and a half if you count the Jill Paton Walsh continuations.) I adore Sayers’ writing, which is more erudite than traditional mysteries. Peter Wimsey is a wonderful character, and Harriet Vane is truly perfect in her imperfections. A story for everyone!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide: Books

  1. Your gift guide posts are super – especially the book post. Books are always my favourite to give and receive. I had forgotten about Dorothy Sayers and I know someone who will really love discovering this author. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! So pleased to hear that you like the guides. I *love* giving books, and you really can’t go wrong with Dorothy Sayers. I hope your recipient enjoys!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I love this! I already have the Guynd coming for my own stocking, but I have been searching for a book for my husband on the sly. He really loves nonfiction and rarely choses fiction these days, so for his stocking I’ve been leaning toward The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings and some London Pride. Sayers’ book would totally fit in with that theme as well…and then I could enjoy it when he’s done! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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