An Announcement

As I find myself shifting from this site to Substack, I’ve been thinking about what I want my site and my Substack to be. I started my blog after the first year of the pandemic, which we spent at home. I’d had blogs before, with more or less success, but this one was different: I had a cohesive theme, something I wanted to write about, and I had no goals other than keeping myself accountable in going through my wardrobe and figuring out what, precisely, I wear.

It has been a fun journey! I’ve loved finding new brands and new-to-me brands. I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you. I have particularly loved my “What’s in Your Closet?” series (a new installment coming soon)! It has been so incredible to become friends with many of you.

That being said, my life has shifted significantly since I started the blog. We’re back to normal, with a life that does involve leaving the house! I find that I’ve written essays on many of the topics I’d planned. Going forward, I’m intending to use my site as a place to hold my archives and post longer-form posts, and you’ll find me every week on Substack and Instagram.

Thank you all so much for your support! I have loved writing here and look forward to continuing to write for a long time to come.

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