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A Mile in Her Clothes: My Mother’s Zalo Slippers

I wrote last week about a serendipitous find in the basement—my mother’s needlepoint stash. I also stumbled across her collection of shoes I particularly loved: vintage Stubbs and Zalo* slippers. A pair I particularly loved, pictured here, is a pair I had been looking for for a long time.

I’ve always been inspired by my mother’s style (I’ve loved sharing her style with you here!), and getting to wear her clothes is a way I can bring her back to me. It’s hard to be without a mother, especially as a mom–I don’t get to ask her things, and she’s not there at the end of the phone if I want to speak to her. So literally walking a mile in her shoes is a wonderful way to bring her back to me, especially when walking the same streets. In her mid-twenties, she founded her own interior design business, headquartered in the same building where my nonprofit has its offices now. It’s so special to take the same elevators (figuratively speaking–the building has since been remodeled), see the same view, have the same lunch at the diner across the street. And I love getting to do this wearing her clothes.

Something that makes this extra special to me is being able to give her shoes a second life. I do believe that things that you own and love become imbued with part of your essence, as bizarre as that may sound. But I like knowing that part of my mother is hear with me still.

What pieces in your life–clothes, furniture, or something else–bring someone you love back to you?

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6 thoughts on “A Mile in Her Clothes: My Mother’s Zalo Slippers

  1. Those slippers are lovely. I especially love the piping, it really sets off the pattern! I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad you have so many ways to feel connected to her.
    Today I’m wearing the necklace my grandmother wore in her wedding. It really does help bring her back.

  2. What beautiful slippers. How special to share a shoe size with your mother. My mother had two pairs of custom made boots as a wedding present, and I now have them and wear them in the fall. It is fun to pull them out season after season.

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