Hi, I’m Sarah! I’ve started this blog to both give me a place to organize my thoughts and keep myself accountable as I attempt to live a more edited and deliberate life.

About Me

I live on the North Shore of Long Island with my husband and child.

I was born in Manhattan and grew up between New York and Maryland, with stints in Colorado and Texas as well. After college I lived in DC for five years, and then back to New York!

I went to a fabulous all-girls’ boarding school that truly shaped my life for the better, then college in Colorado.

I work at a historical society in Manhattan and love it! I’ve spent my career working in nonprofits or businesses with a focus on education.

In a former life, I was an archaeologist, but I’ll admit that life is more comfortable when not lifting tons of rocks out of the dirt!

Feel free to reach out to me at any time at sarah@fewerandbetterblog.com!