“‘You may think I am sad because I am crying. No. I am angry.’”

I don’t get political here for many reasons, but after a series of increasingly dangerous decisions by the Supreme Court this week, I wanted to share an op-ed that I have re-read at least fifty times since its publication in 2018. There are two specific parts I have carried with me:

“We cry when we get angry,” Ms. Steinem said to me 45 years later. “I don’t think that’s uncommon, do you?” She continued, “I was greatly helped by a woman who was an executive someplace, who said she also cried when she got angry, but developed a technique which meant that when she got angry and started to cry, she’d say to the person she was talking to, ‘You may think I am sad because I am crying. No. I am angry.’ And then she just kept going. And I thought that was brilliant.”


If you are angry today, or if you have been angry for a while, and you’re wondering whether you’re allowed to be as angry as you feel, let me say: Yes. Yes, you are allowed. You are, in fact, compelled.
If you’ve been feeling a new rage at the flaws of this country, and if your anger is making you want to change your life in order to change the world, then I have something incredibly important to say: Don’t forget how this feels.

but the entire op-ed should be read slowly, and then again. You are allowed to be angry. You are allowed to fight back. Peaceful protest is (still) legal. One of the most powerful moments of my life was the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. One million people, at least, were there–and being there, with the rage and the sadness and the shared belief that we can make this world better has stayed with me. I still have hope.

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  1. Some events merit breaking form and writing a political post. Today’s egregious decision is definitely one of them. I’m glad you wrote about it and I’m sure many others are, too. And thank you for the great quotations, they lend perspective. It may be a generational fight to regain stolen rights, but I’ll certainly be in it. Anyway, thanks.

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