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Which Blogs Do You Read?

Several bloggers, notably Carly Riordan and Grace Atwood, have started saying blogging is back. I’m thrilled to hear it! I love to blog and read others, but I’ll admit, I struggle to find well-written, regularly updated blogs. They don’t have to be updated daily, but I do like a good weekly read! I wanted to turn to you and ask what other blogs you like to read? Below are some of my favorites:

Salt Water New England

Nan Philip (Take a peek inside Nan’s closet here on the blog!)

Magpie by Jen Shoop (Take a peek inside Jen’s closet here on the blog!)

The Bell by Jane Bouet

Habitually Chic

Summer Wind

Blaise Barber

Design Darling

Heather Bien

Please share yours in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Which Blogs Do You Read?

  1. Some of my favourite blogs include Em for Marvelous, SummerWind, Habitually Chic, Steph Seeking Joy, Design Darling, DC Girl in Pearls, and Ashley Brooke. I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs and miss how many blogs were updated regularly when platforms like Instagram and TikTok weren’t competing for content. As you mentioned, it is difficult these days to find well-written blogs with unique posts!

  2. I’m so glad you shared this list, I found a few to add to my queue! Some of my faves are Style Bee, Seasons and Salt, The Everywhereist, Fairly Curated, and Hej Doll.

  3. Thank you for sharing these – going to check all out! I actually stumbled upon your blog after seeing your comment on Magpie’s. I really hope blogs are back, I LOVE them. Most of my favorite bloggers have moved to focusing just on Instagram and I honestly miss a good blog post. (The new shift to Substack is a whole other convo #mixedfeelings.) I would say right now the only other blog I pop in on often is A Cup of Jo. Need to update my blogs. Is Bloglovin’ still a thing?!

    1. Yay! Let me know what you think. I love Magpie (Jen is the sweetest!) I agree that most of my favorite bloggers have shifted away from their websites. I’ve been tempted by Substack in the past but I really like having my own blog!

      I use Feedly now, 90% of the time I try to sign into Bloglovin it gives me an error message!

  4. Easy and Elegant Life. He’s been blogging since 2007, and the good news is he’s recently begun posting with frequently again.

  5. Cup of Jo is definitely a biweekly or more for me—the tone is supportive, communal — and the mix is p great. I have a few substacks in rotation, including Maybe Baby, Hung Up, Big (on monopolies), and Back Row (a must for me during fashion weeks!). On the other end of the spectrum, I love Ben Hewitt’s posts — pared, ruminative + oft luminous naturalism and rural life. Erstwhile Dear is another fun, soothing, inspiring read. And anytime Joyce sends one of her rejoyce epistles, I read and reread and sit with it for days.

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