Memorial Day always feels like the beginning of summer–especially this year, with near-record-high temperatures for a while. We’re not planning on travel this summer–the town where we live truly comes into its own during the summer, so I always hate to miss a moment! We’re looking forward to summer fairs, beach trips, mini golf, and haunting our farmstand for tomatoes–I make this recipe at least twice a week during tomato season! I’m also looking forward to some outdoor entertaining this summer, and have an exciting collaboration coming up that I can’t wait to share!

Summer is such a wonderful lazy season. Somehow things seem easier–dinner, for instance, when you can just fire up the grill and everything tastes great. And it’s wonderful to spend the day outside with the sprinkler. I’m especially looking forward to spending time with friends now that warm weather has returned and we are gathering–safely–outside.

Most of my childhood spent here was spent here during the summer, so summers are especially poignant to me, and precious at this stretch of my life. Today, while thinking about how precious life is, I am also thinking of all the sacrifices that the men and women in our military–and, especially, those who serve in other ways, as translators, drivers, family members, “fixers,” journalists, the list goes on–I am thinking about all those we have lost today, and those who gave their lives for the freedom that we enjoy to express our opinion and be able to vote. That being said, I am heartbroken over yet another tragic school shooting. If you can, please call your representatives and urge action. Donate to organizations like Everytown. Speak up on social media. To quote Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I hope you are having a safe and peaceful holiday weekend! Peace is truly the greatest privilege, and it is one I hope I never take for granted.

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