The Kindness of the Season

One of my favorite Christmas treats–in fact, a treat any time my father’s family is together–are amaretti cookies. I mentioned these, and biscotti, in my stocking stuffers gift guide, as they are a delicious and unexpected treat to find on Christmas morning! My favorite brand is Marabissi, and I can usually find them in a few places. However, when I went to order them this year, they were out. Everywhere.

A friend of mine works at a cheese shop in Queens and she’d posted a picture of all the holiday goodies the store had in stock… including a large selection of Marabissi biscotti and amaretti. I immediately texted her and asked if the store shipped. Unfortunately they don’t, but she offered to send them to me herself.

I was touched by her kindness in taking time out of her day–and not to mention braving the post office both during COVID and the holiday season–to send something to me to help honor one of my favorite childhood traditions. That extra bit of kindness is always something that makes me value the Christmas season, and this year, more than ever, it seems in short supply. I aspire to be the sort of person who does that little something extra, that small act of kindness. It’s more memorable than a thousand presents.

I hope you all have those moments of kindness in your life this holiday season!

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