The Four Things I Recommend from the Shopbop Sale

I am of the firm opinion that you should only shop for what you need. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point in my life. There’s something about a sale that prompts an immediate “I need this!” from just about everyone in this culture, and it’s really, really hard to break that habit.

You may have heard that Shopbop* is running their annual sale right now (it ends tomorrow night). The sale offers deep discounts, and if there’s something you really need, now is the time to buy it. I’ve gone through just about every page of this sale today (while waiting for my car inspection to finish–fun!) and here are four things included in the sale that I’ve owned, loved, and highly recommend.

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf*

I received this scarf as a gift about a decade ago and it’s received a lot of use! The cashmere is very soft and doesn’t pill easily. The size is excellent–large enough to actually provide warmth, but not bulky enough to be annoying.

Wolford tights

I only wear Wolford tights (and I’m stocking up during the sale). They are expensive but so well-made and last forever. I’ve only had one pair rip on me and that’s after many, many wears. This* is the pair that I wear the most.

Kassatex bathsheets*

The ultimate towel, in my opinion. My aunt in D.C. has these and a few may have moved to my house in D.C. with me after living with her! I love them, and am taking the opportunity during this sale to purchase a few new ones.

Marvis toothpaste

I was #influenced to try this toothpaste* about a decade ago and have loved it ever since. The packaging is beautiful and the mint flavor actually tastes like mint! It makes brushing my teeth a pleasure.

One thought on “The Four Things I Recommend from the Shopbop Sale

  1. Sarah,

    There is nothing better than a bath sheet. Lovely to hear about the Kassatex option – I have been using Matouk Milagro bath sheets and typically get them during the once a year 30% off sale at Bloomindales. However, the Kassatex are $30 less – I will have to try them!

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