The Cropped Tweed Jacket

One of the most ladylike things on the planet is, I think, the cropped tweed jacket. It’s a wardrobe staple of mine and wearing mine truly makes me feel like the best, most poised version of myself. Lately, I feel like the trend has been shifting away from flowy dresses to more tailored looks, and that’s a trend I can support.

The tweed jacket is such a versatile piece. You can wear it formally or casually, with a dress or a skirt, with pants or jeans… the list is endless. And it’s been so wonderful to see an abundance of really good cropped tweed jackets come into the market. This is generally a tough piece to find for a reasonable price, but my friend Jen has tracked down a few pieces at various price points if you’re in the market!

While I love my vibrant tweed jackets–the blue one I have is perfect for spring and summer, and the orange for fall and winter–I’m looking for a more subdued one for events. This jacket from BA&SH looks perfect, and the Lady jacket from J. Crew is also a serious contender. I’m trying to decide what I would wear this jacket with most–blacks or navies?

What’s your ideal jacket style?

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