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Outfit Post: Spring Sweater Weather

As you know, I can’t resist a sweater, so when my friend Merryn released her spring line I ordered the Lotte polo as soon as I could decide on a color! (I informally circulated a poll as I could not make up my mind!) I love Bay’s commitment to supporting small, local knitwear factories. (You can see a reel of the production of one of her other spring sweaters here–a fascinating glimpse into the creation of a beautiful sweater.) Merryn oversees all part of production, which gives me, as a customer, great confidence in the product.

The sweater itself is beautiful. The design is something I’ve looked for for ages but haven’t found to my satisfaction in a women’s sweater. I love the subtle blue of the placket and on the wrists. The cream of the sweater is a lovely warm color which will go well with everything. The sweater is made of two-ply cashmere, which makes it the perfect lightweight spring and summer sweater. I can already tell–and it already is–on heavy rotation. The sleeves are a little long on me, but as I really never have sleeves not rolled up, it does not affect me at all. As well, this is definitely an oversized fit on me–I purchased the size small; I am generally an extra-small/0–so the sleeves would be the correct length if you are buying the sweater as a size small!

I snapped these pictures of a typical “everyday” outfit for me. I love Stubbs*, as I’ve mentioned before, and this pair of jeans* is a good staple, though I’m moving away from skinny jeans and looking more for a straight-leg pair now. I’m 5’4″ so these jeans hit me perfectly without having to hem them–if you are my height and want a cropped look, try the petite pair, and if you are taller, try the tall pair.

Outfit details

Sweater: Lotte polo from Bay by Merryn

Earrings: Mikimoto* (from my mother)

Jeans: J. Crew toothpick jeans*

Shoes: Stubbs & Wootton* (vintage, from my grandmother)

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