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Shopping Your Closet

I have had truly the most fun shopping my closet this summer. I’ve been systematically sorting through all of my possessions and I’ve rediscovered some pieces I’ve either never worn before or haven’t worn in years. It has been so wonderful to find old-now-new pieces and just be able to wear them right away.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the trap of “oh, I have nothing to wear!,” but the truth is, I have a plethora of options. This summer, I’ve only bought three things–this Bay by Merryn sweater (worn here), a surprisingly great pair of white jeans*, and a MDS Stripes skirt I’ve been dying for for years. All of the other staples on my summer wardrobe list were already in my closet, and it’s been so great to know that I’m not adding to a collection of clothes that may or may not ever get worn. With each item I’ve purchased, I have donated three things from my closet, and I’ve also made sure that each new acquisition can be worn at least three ways with things I already own. That, combined with my rules for shopping and my month of not shopping, have really changed the way I look at clothing. I’m planning to do another no-shop month in September and this time it is something I’m looking forward to as a palate cleanser, instead of viewing it as a challenge.

I’m feeling more and more comfortable sharing outfit posts–it is surreal to pose, but I think I’m getting better!–and I’m looking forward to sharing more outfits from my own closet in the future. Let me know what you would like to see! I enjoy this challenge 🙂

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