Review: J. Crew Corduroys

I’m so happy that J. Crew has brought back my favorite corduroys again this season that I wanted to repost this article, with slight edits, originally published last year.

One of my favorite items from J. Crew has delightfully been brought back this season. I am really thrilled with J. Crew’s present offerings and the way they’ve looked back to their classics for their current collection. I have had at least one pair of J. Crew corduroys since high school, and the two in my wardrobe are wonderful workhorses. I love to wear cords in the fall and winter. Not only are they nicer than jeans, they are more comfortable as well. I can wear them for appointments, for a nice lunch, a visit to a club, and school pickup without looking out of place. 

The cords themselves have that great and elusive straight leg—not too wide, not too narrow—and are just about the right length for me. I find they run true to size, if not a smidge on the larger size, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a tailor or a belt. The waist is high, which is my preference. While I’d prefer a wider wale (does anyone else remember the blog The Wide Wale??), the wale on these cords is pretty good, and not too narrow. I’ve had really good luck with these, and wholeheartedly recommend!

I snapped this picture while setting up for an event at a private club in Manhattan. Ease of movement while meeting proper standards of attire meant this one was a winner!

Outfit details:

Shoes: Belgian Shoes

Trousers: J. Crew vintage straight corduroys (this color isn’t offered any longer, but I have the navy pair as well and love it!)

Belt: Tory Leather

Sweater: Everlane cashmere turtleneck

Earrings: Mikimoto, from my mother

2 thoughts on “Review: J. Crew Corduroys

  1. Nothing like (colorful) cords during the fall, winter, and early spring months! On the male side of things, they are part of my routine “at home” cooler seasons uniform with either rugby jersey’s, tartan flannel shirts, or a wool pull-over sweater of some kind (often Norwegian fisherman or shaggy dog) and suede camp mocs.

    Used to love the straight leg variety of corduroy jeans sold by Levi’s 40 or so years ago when in high school. They fit my then whip thin teenage frame well. At the time, you could pick up a pair at the Army Navy Store outside of Allentown, PA for just US$20! Hard to believe now.

    At present, and on the wrong side of 50, I’m partial to the corduroy jeans sold by Land’s End, Not necessarily the highest quality, but they work well for my purposes and come in a nice array of colors. Tan works with everything as does navy, but I most enjoy the dark forest green and red pairs in my dresser drawer. Eye-catchingly interesting and as comfortable as, but far preferable to, bagged out sweatpants. And one does not embarrass oneself answering the door, or driving down the street for that necessary extra gallon of 2% milk for example.

    On a different note, your whisky-tasting post provides a nice idea given the chilly rainy day and evening the mid-Michigan forecast calls for. By the hearth with my wife and possibly Mr. Scrabble after dinner. In cords, or course. Happy mid-October!

    Kind Regards,


    1. Happy mid-October, Heinz-Ulrich! I’ll have to check out your recommendations for my husband.

      I hope you enjoy the whiskey tasting! It is such a fun cold-weather activity, particularly by the fire!

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