Preparing the Backyard for Summer

We love spending as much time as possible and we’re lucky enough to have a wonderful backyard. As our needs change, from being an adult-only household, to adults plus a baby, and now with a very active child, we need to make a few changes. Here’s what we’re planning to do:

Have outdoor cushions made for our chairs

We have a beautiful table and chairs on our patio, but I want something with a bit more support now that our little one is big enough to join us at the table without a high chair. The chairs themselves are wonderful and don’t need to be replaced, so I’m just going to have cushions made for a bit more support.

Get a hammock

I’ve been dying for a hammock forever, and I think this year is finally the year! I have my eyes on this one.

Replace our old Adirondack chairs

Our Adirondack chairs have certainly seen better days. I’m not sure if we should replace them with others (I love my friend Heather’s review of hers!) or try a different style of chair altogether.

Plant some rose bushes

I worked at a research institution in DC with gardens designed by Beatrix Farrand, and one of my favorite places in the gardens was the Rose Garden. I’d love to plant roses in the corner of our patio that already has a rose bush, but I’m too overwhelmed by the beautiful choices at David Austin!

Have a set of outdoor linens, plates, and cutlery

I’d love to eat outdoors more this summer, and I want to have a set of things just for outdoor dining. I have my eye on some things from Pink House Design–I love my coasters and I think the Sanibel tablecloth would be perfect!

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