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My Summer To-Do List

Now that things have (mostly) returned to normal, I’m making up for the past few summers by embracing everything we love to do! I sat down to make a list so that I wouldn’t forget anything. Here’s what’s on our summer to-do list…

Go to the beach at least twice a week

Eat lots of peach and blueberry pies from our favorite farm

Pick up eggs at the local egg stand

Host a summer dinner party

Nightly cocktail hour on the patio (some favorite summer recipes here and here)

Make lots of time to read

Start sailing again

Start playing tennis again

Spend time in the city at museums and the park

What’s on your summer to-do list?

9 thoughts on “My Summer To-Do List

  1. This is a good one!!!
    I want to utilize our new patio more , especially in the mornings with coffee and the hounds …
    The beach for sure is a must. Plus I have a paddle board that I need to start mastering lol
    I just pulled out my tennis rackets last week!
    Plan to entertain visitors over the weekends
    So I’m really looking forward to that! Finishing up the master closet … whew. Lol 😂

  2. This is such a great idea! Living in the South, Summer is my least-favorite season (I usually travel to escape the heat!), but I bet a to-do list would make the season feel like something to savor rather than just skip through. Time to start mulling!

  3. I love tending to my flowers and cutting bouquets; being outside as much as possible- especially on our patio with the soothing sound of our water fountain (everything, from coffee, tea to cocktails tastes better outside!); taking local day trips to enjoy the waterfront, and travelling to visit family and friends! Cheers to summertime!

    1. Those all sound like wonderful summer activities! I was so looking forward to lots of hydrangea arrangements but ours have not been doing well this year, unfortunately!

      Happy summer!

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