Moving Beyond No-Shop January

I’ve had such a rewarding time doing No-Shop January that I’m taking it a little further this year! I feel pretty confident and happy with what’s in my closet–I’ve loved getting to “shop” my clothes this month instead of shopping online. So I’m taking this a little further and I’m going to shop only what’s on my shopping list this year.

While I feel very happy with what’s in my closet, there are still a few wardrobe gaps, and I’m going to commit (or try to commit) only shopping from this list! I’m working on refining it over the next few days and then I will share here. I’m hoping that writing this down keeps me accountable! Not only is this challenge a practical one–I don’t need too many more clothes, and I only want to invest in the ones that I need and that will serve me well through my lifetime–but it’s an interesting one as well. We live in a world that constantly pushes overconsumption, and why do I need to buy into that? (Pun not intended.)

I’m looking forward to working through this challenge with you!

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