Minipost: Trench Coat Weather

One of the best investments my mother ever made in her wardrobe (and in mine!) was buying a Burberry trench coat. Mine has lasted more than forty years and still looks pristine. While mine is obviously vintage, this modern version is nearly identical. The length of the coat and details make it unique, stylish, yet practical. It will last you a lifetime. You can see how I wear mine here.

2 thoughts on “Minipost: Trench Coat Weather

  1. Absolutely. From the military in war, to Bogart in “Casablanca,” to Tom Selleck in “Blue Bloods,” to the most recent rainy day, the trench coat is “tops.” My dad bought me my first one as a college junior. I outgrew it and he wore it until he died at 87. And they must be the traditional khaki color. I ran across a great coat, Hart, Schaffner and Marx, in great shape for about $8. But it is gray, and every time I see a khaki color trench, I regret buying it.

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