I went to a Montessori school from pre-K until sixth grade. There were many fantastic things about Montessori, but one of the lessons I’m appreciating more and more as I grow older was the emphasis on creating. Not just writing or drawing, but sewing, woodworking, pottery, and just about everything else you can imagine. We even did some basic needlepoint. Probably because of that, I’ve always been drawn to handwork in quiet moments. In high school I learned to knit (after curfew, in the bathroom of our dorm from one of my best friends!) and knitting was my preferred non-phone-related activity for a long time.

I’d always intended to learn to needlepoint but I was a bit intimidated. When she was able to, my mother was an avid needlepointer and I always intended on having her teach me. That didn’t happen, unfortunately, and I really wish I had spent time with her and learned her favorite hobby from her.

Nevertheless, at the start of the pandemic (like everyone else, it seems!) I finally committed to learning how to needlepoint. I love it and find it really relaxing–I like how there is plenty of room for creativity but it’s more structured than knitting. I also love that while there are more elaborate stitches, the basics are good enough for most projects.

Something that I’ve come to value the most about needlepoint is that it takes time, that you have to stitch every stitch. I’m definitely guilty of trying to “get to the verb” as quickly as possible–I read this phrase recently and definitely identify with it. Needlepointing, among other things, forces me to slow down and appreciate the work that goes into making something beautiful.

That’s the sort of feeling and craft that I want to bring into all aspects of my life, and I definitely want to appreciate every ounce of work and skill and time that goes into making something beautiful.

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  1. I love this so much — both the sentiment and the really wonderful stocking. There is something so soothing in doing handwork.

    PS Huge Montessori fan here, too!

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