Five Things

Five Things, Vol. 6

After being knocked out all week with the norovirus (I would not wish this on my worst enemy!), I’m slowly recovering. It’s been rough! I’m glad to be on the mend just in time for the long weekend. My preschooler has a few days off early next week, so we’re hoping to have fun outdoors and enjoy the unseasonably spring-like weather, as well as enjoy quality time together! Here are five things I’ve been thinking about during the past week.

The New David Patrick Columbia Documentary

I watched the new David Patrick Columbia documentary when the New York Social Diary shared the documentary in episodes on Youtube, and now it’s finally available to view in its entirety on Amazon*. David Patrick Columbia is the founder and editor of the New York Social Diary, a publication I’ve read for years (and have been lucky enough to be included in several times!) I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Mr. Columbia on multiple occasions, and he is one of the last of a rapidly vanishing group of true gentlemen. For any regular readers of the Social Diary, those interested in New York gossip, or society, please give this fascinating documentary a watch!

J. Crew Sale*

You know that I’m not one to post constantly about sales, but the J. Crew sale is a good one because so many of my winter staples are included. It’s a great way to stock up for the rest of winter (if we have one!) or prepare for next year. You can find my winter staples list here, and I’ve also linked my J. Crew winter staples here on my LTK page.

Heather Bien’s Travels in France

My friend Heather recently traveled in France with her husband and her travel diaries have me whipping out my notebook to plan a future trip! I’m in the process of renewing my passport and getting one for my preschooler in preparation for (hopeful but tentatively planned) European travels this fall/winter, and France is being added to the list. You can read the first installment here.

Le Tre Sarte

I stumbled across the Italian brand Le Tre Sarte on Instagram and fell hard and fast for just about everything, but especially their Ottaviano puffer vest! It’s a stunning handmade-to-order piece that’s perfect for this strangely warm winter we’ve been having. It’s topping my list for my birthday next month! The brand is completely handmade with zero waste–each piece is a true heirloom and you can feel wonderful about supporting the ingenuity of these tailors and their craft!

Staying on Top of Household Chores

I loved this post from Jen on staying on top of household chores–much needed after getting through this norovirus and trying to get back on track!

Have a great weekend!

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