Five Things

Five Things, Vol. 5

Margaret Wise Brown has always been a profound influence on me as a writer–some of my earliest memories involve Goodnight Moon, and I love reading her work to my toddler. But she’s so much more than that. She grew up in the area of Long Island where we live now, and her presence is still felt around town, however slight. Her recent biography, In the Great Green Room, was a wonderful read; this article from this week’s issue of The New Yorker was also excellent.

This article on curating your aesthetic, written by my friend Natalie for The Glam Pad, was a captivating read that narrows down the path to defining your own style–something I’m working on as well!

A few years ago, my favorite aunt started gifting me a table setting for special occasions, using my great-grandmother’s silver pattern. Silver is so finicky to care for, and Sydney’s tips for taking care of your silver are wonderful!

I always love Jen’s thoughtful posts; her post this morning on the calculus of determining how to spend your time–with others, with yourself, and with your commitments–really spoke to me. (And don’t miss Jen’s What’s In Your Closet? interview here!)

I’m a city girl born and bred, and not being in Manhattan much during the pandemic has definitely been strange. I loved this “snow day in New York City” post–reminding me of that brief period of time right after the snow has fallen, before it becomes gross, when the city is truly magical.

What are you reading this week?

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