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Five Things, Vol. 4

This one is a bit of a hodgepodge of links this week, in fitting with how harried it has seemed to be for me!

It was exciting for me to see that Jess Graves, author of The Love List, has taken up the “fewer & better” philosophy!

I’m in a book mood after reading this article from The New York Times. I have a huge number of books that are still in our basement as I decide how best to organize them. I can’t wait to finally bring them out soon! I love being able to “dip through” my books and find inspiration.

If you’re in the DC area, the absolute best bookshop is The Lantern in Georgetown, a volunteer-run used bookstore. The proceeds from the sales benefit Bryn Mawr College. It’s one of the places I used to spend entire afternoons in, getting lost among all the wonderful books!

I posted about this on my Instagram stories yesterday, but my favorite column has come to an end. Jo Rodgers’ beautifully evocative writing about living in the country was capped off by this beautiful tour of their rental cottage.

Speaking of country living, Stacie Flinner’s post on her favorite sources for custom furniture already has me bookmarking for future reference!

I don’t have a theme-related question for you this week, as this post doesn’t really have a theme, but I’d love to know what’s on your mind today!

4 thoughts on “Five Things, Vol. 4

  1. Failing badly at no-shop January, I’m excited to share that I’ve purchased not one but TWO items I discovered via your blog: an Ann Mashburn Kiki jacket (50% off!) and a pair of lovely Porselli ballet flats. Neither go together, but each will bring joy in this gloomy weather and will extend my uniform staples beautifully! So … that’s TWO things I’m excited to share with your Five Things readers!

    Going for a role in Abu Dhabi (fingers crossed!) and both items will suit the weather there as well as here!

  2. I love your hodgepodge of links! We are book people who do not easily part with our books. I think book-wrapt spaces are heavenly. And I’m adding The Lantern to our “must visit” list for the next time we’re in DC! The past couple of weeks have been crazy so I’m enjoying having a moment to catch up on posts I’ve missed. 🙂

    1. The Lantern is one of the things I miss most about DC! It was such a wonderful place to shop and I have far too many books from visits there 🙂 I always love your comments, and I’m enjoying catching up with you!

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