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Five Things, Vol. 10

What’s on my mind this week…

I’m a huge fan of Emilie Hawtin and I loved this recent editorial she wrote for Drake’s, the English shirtmaker, on women wearing menswear. As the former Editorial Director of J. Crew Men’s, she’s more of an expert on the topic than most men. The article inspired me to stop by the men’s department (or, more realistically for me, the boys’ department) to pick up a few new polos and a shawl collar sweater this summer…

My friend Quincy wrote a beautiful and heartwrenching essay, “On Islands and Homesickness,” which spoke to me on so many levels, particularly finding one place that feels like home in the midst of many moves. It is such a privilege to read something personal about her, as her professional writing has led her to be the voice behind some of the bloggers and brands we know and love.

I’ve been reading The Love List since I was in college and was so sad when Jess Graves discontinued it. Two years ago now she decided to revive the site as a substack and I’ve been a loyal reader once again. The “fewer and better” philosophy has made it into several of her posts, including the two-year anniversary post, published this week.

There is no better place in the world than the North Shore of Long Island in the summer (I will stand by this forever–evidence here!), so naturally I’m planning to purchase this candle for the fall days ahead! I love everything about Trubee Hill’s candles and we have a small collection at home. It’s so nice to support a small local business!

My go-to tennis shoes (seen here) are now available on Maisonette! This is great news as I am tired of waiting for new pairs to ship from the EU. (They’re also on sale!)

3 thoughts on “Five Things, Vol. 10

  1. Sarah,
    Love your blog, I’ve gotten several book ideas from it and my wife enjoys your take on fashion and what to do in NYC. One question, and feel free to not post it on your comments, but have you noticed that WordPress puts your posts up in random order? It’s on both the mobile browser and desktop.

    Hope you’re well,

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and please thank your wife as well! Yes, I was working on a few website updates myself (I am not a coder) and wanted to stick a few favorite posts to the top of the homepage. Obviously I made some errors there, so I’m going to spend time this weekend trying to fix it!

      Hope all is well with you too!

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