Five Things

Five Things, Vol. 1

During the week I stumble across so many wonderful things on the Internet and I’ve been thinking of a good way to share them all! I’ve decided to do a “link roundup,” like many others; let me know what you think, and if you’d like me to continue!

First, a self-promotion here: John Burton, the editor at Ivy Style, kindly reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in being interviewed for the site! This was truly exciting for me as I’ve been a member of the Ivy Style Facebook group for what must be nearly a decade now and I’ve been a longtime reader of the site. If you’re interested, you can find the interview here.

I loved Muffy Aldrich’s post, “The Thing Before Preppy;” as always, her historical photographs offer a fascinating glimpse of everyday life, instead of the overly stylized images that are often seen (not that I don’t love those as well! But it’s so intriguing to me as a former anthropologist to see the everyday instead of just the extraordinary.)

While I’m planning (or trying, at least!) not to shop in January, I’m also attempting not to shop at the end of this month, either. However, the Molly Moorkamp end of the year sale is very tempting. I’ve had my eye on her shift dresses for a long time, and the Quincy dress is honestly a dream for a summer party!

I agree with Habitually Chic that we all need a palate cleanser after the holidays; I love her recent post on the beautiful apartment designed by Veere Grenney.

Interiors posts are among my favorites to read–not surprising with a mother, grandmother, and an aunt who were in the design field–and I will admit that I was completely invested in Jackie Clair’s “great paint debate!” Farrow & Ball produces some of the loveliest colors (and I adore their names); you can read how she narrowed down the shade for her new apartment in her recent blog post here.

What have you been reading?

4 thoughts on “Five Things, Vol. 1

  1. My daughter gave me the Obama/Springsteen book that I read last week and enjoyed; we are of a similar age. I hoped that you were aware of SWNE.

    1. Hi Randy, The Obama/Springsteen book is on my list! My mother was a big Springsteen fan–she grew up in Jersey seeing him play at the Stone Pony, so I’ve always been a fan, too! Yes, I’ve read SWNE for years–one of the few blogs I still read with equal pleasure after all this time!

  2. I have been reading The Guynd! I adore it and have found it thought-provoking. I’m nearly finished and I’m definitely going to recommend it to my book club (I’m dying to discuss it with others). 🙂 It has definitely made me thankful for basic heat and that my sense of thrift is not tied to trying to keep hold of my ancestral home, but rather is merely something I’ve internalized from my father.

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