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Five Small Things I Love About Spring

It’s so hard to pick a favorite season, but I do love the spring with everything coming back to life. With everything going on in the world, it’s so easy to find the days just slipping by, or find yourself looking ahead to the next thing without appreciating what’s around you. I’m trying to take time to sit down and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us, and I wanted to share–both with you, and with myself!–five of my favorite things about spring.


An obvious one, perhaps, but from crocuses to forsythia to tulips, it’s hard to pick a favorite. After spending several years working at a research institution with world-renowned gardens, I feel far more aware of the first spring flowers and I certainly am more keenly on the lookout for the earliest signs of new life!

Fresh produce at our local farmstand

I love shopping local, and being able to buy local produce at our favorite farmstand is certainly one of my favorite things about living where we do!

Sweater-and-shorts weather

Those brief weeks in the year when a sweater and shorts are the perfect combination is my ideal!

Spring cleaning

This year I’ve really spent a lot of time spring cleaning. It’s felt so good to get things cleaned and organized!

Beach weather

I love to swim in all sorts of weather (I went swimming at the Forty Foot in Dublin on the last day of November, to put that claim into perspective!), but it is definitely more fun to take a plunge when the air is warmer when you get out!

What are your favorite things about spring?

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