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Fall Outfit Inspiration From Me and J. Crew

As you know, I wear a lot of vintage pieces. I also wear items season after season! This is great for my closet but less great when I’m sharing outfits with you and they are no longer available. However, J. Crew has an incredible lineup of fall clothing, including many pieces that closely correspond with well-loved items in my wardrobe. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite fall outfits and their J. Crew equivalents. I’m so happy that so much of J. Crew’s classic-leaning style has come back!

Outfit details: By Merryn popover worn with jeans, Belgian Shoes, pearl earrings, and quilted jacket (seen here)

J. Crew style: Quilted jacket and jeans

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Outfit details: By Merryn popover worn with Brooks Brothers trousers, Belgian Shoes, pearl earrings, Ann Mashburn Shetland sweater, and trench coat

J. Crew style: Trench coat, crewneck sweater, slim trousers

Outfit details: Barbour Bedale, Everlane cashmere turtleneck, pearl earrings, Longchamp Le Pliage, J. Crew vintage straight corduroys, Belgian Shoes

J. Crew style: Corduroys, barn jacket, cashmere turtleneck

Outfit details: J. Crew turtleneck, Garnet Hill cashmere cardigan, Hermès scarf, Barbour Bedale, J. Crew jeans, trouser socks, Belgian Shoes, pearl earrings

J. Crew style: barn jacket, jeans, cardigan, socks, turtleneck

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Outfit details: Ann Mashburn Kiki jacket, J. Crew slim perfect tee, jeans, Belgian Shoes, pearl earrings, Tory Leather belt

J. Crew Style: Lady jacket, tee, jeans, belt

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