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Fall at Home

Just a little personal update here! We’ve had a gloomy fall weekend thanks to the tropical storm–but it’s been so nice to feel the weather finally shift into cooler temperatures! We attended our church’s country fair in the rain–my rewaxed Barbour definitely came in handy! It was a fun event despite the weather, and I’m glad we could support such an important part our town and our lives.

We had close friends over for dinner on Saturday night which was so fun! Our original plans for a barbecue were curtailed because of the storm, so we had pizza and board games instead, which was so nice. I referenced my dinner party checklist to make sure that we had everything. I was glad for the excuse to use our new placemats from Scully & Scully (picked up, brand new, at our local opp shop for $10!) and my favorite Julia Amory tablecloth.

I’m eager to hunker down and enjoy all our favorite fall things this season! I’ll be sharing my personal fall to-do list shortly. In the meantime, this week I’m going to re-share some of my favorite posts for new readers. I hope that, even if you’re a returning reader, you enjoy revisiting them!

Hoping you are having a lovely start to the fall 🙂

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  1. Ah, Fall! Wile I am a winter sports enthusiast, Autumn is my favorite time of year with darker mornings, earlier evenings, eventually colorful dry leaves, and the general sort of home coziness you describe. My wife and I will open a bottle of wine (Or maybe two?) this evening and enjoy it by the fire as has become our Friday tradition since 2020. With possibly a game of Scrabble, Yahtzi, or Gin in addition. Happy almost October!

    Kind Regards,


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