Elusive Wardrobe Items and the Thrill of the Hunt

Back in the early 2010s, I spent part of every morning reading blogs. I followed a decent amount during the blogging heyday, and a few of them are still ones I check on a regular basis (you can find them here). In any case, I absorbed so much style inspiration from these bloggers, created endless wishlists filled with clothing and accessories, and while most of those have gone the way of statement necklaces, some of those items are still on my mind a decade later.

One of those items was a skirt by the late and lamented brand MDS Stripes. The brainchild of the iconic interior designer Mark D. Sikes, all of his designs were made in the US and featured classic cuts, great fabric, and true wishlist-worthy items. Seeing this skirt on Mackenzie Horan literally years ago earned it a spot on my wishlist. However, I saw it again more recently on my friend Heather, and I added it back to my eBay/Mercari/Poshmark alerts.

(A note: while the floor-length version is still available for sale, I always leaned more towards the knee/midi length version, as floor length just feels a little overwhelming on me. That being said, I do want to try it out one day!)

I was lucky enough to snag another one of the MDS Stripes skirts I’ve been looking for last summer (you can see the outfit post here–found it new with tags!), but this week I finally spotted one of the midi length ones I’ve been thinking about forever (and thankfully also new with tags)! I love the thrill of the hunt when trying to track down pieces, and the best part is that the one I found is perfect for the Fourth of July and will be here in time. Hopefully it’s as good as I’ve hoped for!

What items have been on your wishlist forever? Have you ever found your item, and were you thrilled or disappointed?

2 thoughts on “Elusive Wardrobe Items and the Thrill of the Hunt

  1. Funny I just spoke to my mom about several dresses she had by George Halley , he was an iconic designer in NYC and very good friends with my uncle. George gave her three beautiful dresses! My mom
    Is trying to figure out what she did with them.
    So I’m on the hunt … they are iconic classic 1960s vintage.

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