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I’m bringing back coffee talk as we head into June! Thank you all for the literal coffee recommendations during our last coffee hour–I’ve enjoyed expanding my knowledge of coffee! Here’s what I’m thinking about as we head into June…

What are your go-to beach snacks?

We’re planning to spend a lot of time at our local beach this summer, and I’m already brainstorming which snacks to bring. One of the beaches we visit has a snack bar with the best fries, but it’s not open until mid-June so we’re bringing snacks until then! My little one loves Bobo’s Strawberry Stuff’d Oat Bites, which are healthy (yay!) and easy to pack for the beach. And I always bring deli sandwiches and Cape Cod Chips for afternoon visits, and bacon egg and cheeses for the morning.

What’s your summer routine?

This is one I don’t have an answer to myself 😂 We have a determinedly different summer this year, what with a few summer camps, an extra work project for me for my daytime job, my husband’s schedule, and trying to spend as much time as possible with friends and on the beach! I’d love to hear how you organize your summer days!

How do you make time for your loved ones?

One of my favorite traditions when my best friend and I lived together, and when my husband and I lived together pre-child, was our evening cocktail hour. We’d make a cocktail and enjoy it outdoors! While we’re not doing this every night, it’s fun to make some of our favorites and enjoy snacks on the patio before dinner!

What are you wearing?

My go-to uniform this summer has been these (surprisingly good-quality in this length!) shorts and a Saint James top. For less casual occasions, I’ve been pulling out my collection of vintage shifts. I just bought this sunhat and these sandals, so I’m looking forward to wearing those with all my go-to summer wardrobe staples.

What’s your favorite summer activity?

Too many to count! But a favorite is going to the beach and then stopping by the Italian ice stand nearby–it’s been there for over a hundred years and it’s fun to continue this generations-old tradition in my family with our preschooler!

6 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. Beach snacks are my fav!!!
    We always take fruit- normally watermelon or strawberries. We have to have some type of dip whether it be chicken salad, Italian hoagie dip or ham salad with crackers and always some kind of nuts, cashews, assorted peanuts, etc….summer sausage and a cheese assortment is always a staple as well …
    Cap it off with assorted drinks. adult and kid friendly… we drive on the beach, so I always take a table as well to set up a little station
    Super fun

  2. Oh and for afterwards we do snowballs with marshmallow topping… Maryland and delaware are famous for fancy Hawaiian shaved snowballs ,, all different flavors!!!

    1. Your “snacklebox” inspired that question!! 😊 I spent a lot of my childhood in MD and miss the snowcones—also the lemon with peppermint stick that everyone outside of the Baltimore area thinks is disgusting but is actually brilliant 😂

  3. Hi, Sarah, and happy summer! I wish we lived near the beach or even a lake, but unfortunately we’re very land locked here. Hopefully, we can get away for Labor Day again this year.
    1. For the pool and splash park, my daughter loves This Saves Lives bars (the adult version is good, too). When it’s too hot and likely to melt those, I’ll bring veggie straws or hummus and pretzel snack packs.
    2. Our routine shifts to later mornings in the summer, which I love because school starts super early. I do summer camp drop off before heading into work. My work days are short and fit into the school/camp day.
    3. My daughter has a later bedtime in the summer, and we take a walk as a family after dinner, plus play croquet or hit golf balls, enjoy a drink on the deck, and try to eat outdoors as weather permits.
    4. It’s already close to 90 degrees here, so I’m living in linen and summer shifts!
    5. Croquet, spending the afternoon at the splash park, and getting an ice cream cone in the evening

    1. I need to get our croquet set out! That is a wonderful summer activity–as long as there aren’t too many mosquitoes! Curious if you all had “Juneuary” as well this year–I’m still freezing!

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