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I have a number of friends expecting children soon! I’m so excited to meet their babies and for our children to grow up together as friends. I’ve been asked by them where I buy clothing for my child, and I wanted to share a few of the places I’ve found with excellent, classic clothes for children. I hope that you also find this of interest!

Classic Prep Childrenswear: This is one of my go-to shops for everything from everyday to special occasion outfits. The sizing varies from style to style, so definitely reach out to them if you have questions on which size is best! The corduroy clothes are really hard-wearing and still look great after many washes. I also love the polos and turtlenecks–they look great even after hours of playtime.

Cienta: We love Cienta sneakers! They are super-comfortable and also hard-wearing, with the added bonus of a classic silhouette. As you can just pull them on, even the smallest toddler is able to manage, and you won’t be forever chasing after them to tie their shoes. Maisonette* has a wide variety (and often has great sales!)

Sea Star Espadrilles: I bought three pairs of less expensive water shoes last summer before finally biting the bullet and buying these–and I wish I hadn’t bought the less expensive ones, because these are worth every penny. They are impeccably made, dry so quickly (in 15 minutes when left in the sun!), and look far more polished than typical water shoes. They are completely worth it, and I definitely stocked up on larger sizes during the end of summer sale. We buy ours via Maisonette*.

Boden*: Boden has a wide selection of classic clothing (I also browse the UK store frequently–they ship to the States!) Their clothes have been uniformly well-made and also easy to take care of–I’ve enjoyed the whimsical touches to some of their clothes (like the rainjacket with a duck bill!), but nothing is too off-the-wall, which is a relief!

Gap Kids*: We’ve surprisingly found some great staples at Gap Kids, from khakis and jeans to sweaters. The coats are also of excellent quality–the wool coats we’ve purchased have lasted years, as has the snow gear we’ve bought. There are great basics to be found here, and there are frequently sales, so don’t miss out!

If you buy clothes for children–your own or those in your family–where do you shop? I’d love to know if I’m missing anything!

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  1. I would add Hope and Henry, H&M, Old Navy, Smocked Auctions, Saltwater Sandals, Smockingbird, Lands’ End, Ralph Lauren, Edgehill Collection at Dillard’s, and the dark horse…Wonder Nation from Walmart (for staples like reinforced knee pants and khaki shorts). My oldest will turn 12 this year, my youngest is 4. Finding classic clothes has been a challenge for 12 whole years! My rule is we buy timeless clothes, no graphics, no characters and I am picky about fiber content. 75% of our year is spent in 70*+ weather with high humidity, so I favor 100% cotton for my children. We also pass clothes down, so I eye everything for longevity. Polo shirts, button down shirts, and khaki shorts my oldest wore are living a new life with my youngest, and my daughter raids her older brother’s closet for perfectly broken in sweaters.

    1. I haven’t heard of Hope and Henry, but I will be sure to check them out! I completely agree re: no graphics (although we have one pair of Daniel Tiger pajamas!) Thank you so much for sharing your go-tos, Judith!

  2. I love H&M for my boys… I buy lovely cotton shirts and stripy jumpers almost every year! Also in the UK we have Trotters, which is gorgeous for special pieces.

  3. Janey & Jack for children up to about 12 although our son has cycled out of children’s and into small men’s sizes at a tall 12.5 years. If you know what you are after/looking for, Land’s End, L.L. Bean, and J. Crew still offer reasonably priced traditional items as previous commenters have noted. There are other manufacturers/brand, but these may offer less in the prep/trad/ivy direction.

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    1. I did quite like Janie & Jack but have felt the quality and style has changed since their acquisition. We’re still in the toddler years, but you’re right—LL Bean and Lands End have a selection of great classic items!

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